New Survey on Budget Priorities – Respond now!

Good morning everyone.  We just discovered that there is another survey site posted on the JeffCo web page.  This one is called “Engage JeffCo Schools“.  It is an electronic townhall that has the community and students interacting with the District.  The current question for adults involves selecting the top three priorities for funding (see below for the question and options).  There is only ONE DAY left on this site, so please register and make your voice heard today!  For students, there is a second, more open ended question asking them to tell the District what helps them learn.  This question includes a discussion section where students can rate other students ideas.

We believe that since the results on the Budget Survey were so numerous, it is highly likely that WNW+Miller will not get the results they want.  If that is the case, we anticipate them crying that the results were flawed because their opponents (us) filled out the survey repeatedly.  We know that is not true, but truth has not been a big priority for these people so far.  We then expect them to turn to any other quasi-statistical measurement to justify their agenda.  “Engage JeffCo Schools” looks to be a prime target.  So we need to make sure that our voices are heard there as well!

You can find it in the lower right hand corner of the JeffCo Schools main page.  This is an ‘electronic town hall’ that is asking questions about budget priorities.  There is also a students that says “Jeffco students, tell us what helps you learn.

Unlike the other survey, you need to register with an email address or log in with a Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account (Warning!  Using your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account requires you to give permission to a company called MindMixer to access your profile info plus contacts.)  To register with your email go here.  If you register by email, it will send you a confirmation email with a link you need to click on the activate your account.

Not liking the idea of giving MindMixer access to our contacts, phone numbers, etc., we chose to register by email.

Here is the question for everyone:

Please select your top three choices for priority funding for the 2014-15 budget.

  • Early literacy instruction: includes additional literacy coaches for teacher professional development, materials, workshops.
  • Elementary math instruction: includes new math materials grades K-5 and professional development.
  • Districtwide writing instruction: includes professional development and development of materials.
  • Districtwide growth of gifted and talented students: includes staff development for teachers.
  • High school instruction to reduce remediation in college: includes more high school math teachers and more math classes.

For JeffCo students there is also:

Jeffco students, tell us what helps you learn.

There are then several boxes where the student can type in their response. After the response is entered, the student can click on the “Learn More” button and see the other ideas that have been posted and rate them.  This section is apparently going to be open for another 24 days.

Engage JeffCo Schools looks like something that just recently rolled out was rolled out by JeffCo in January 2013The apparent It’s goal is to provide another way for students, parents, and community members to communicate with the school District. This is an activity that probably was started before the WNW+Miller gang.  It is a actually a very good great effort to listen to the community and students about what they feel is most important.  In short, another method that (pre-WNW+Miller) deomstrates that JeffCo Schools has continuously kept working towards transparency and building deep ties to the community.

We are impressed.

10 thoughts on “New Survey on Budget Priorities – Respond now!

  1. Terrific, thanks for the heads up! And folks really shouldn’t be worried about MindMixer. It is a commercial application that is used by many municipal governments, like Littleton, Golden, and others for getting community input. But they don’t share or release personal information or do anything nefarious.

    • Thanks for the info on MindMixer. It’s good to hear.

      Still, we confess many of us still harbor a reluctance to open up our contact and profile info, especially on LinkedIn or our primary personal email service.

  2. Your links to Engage Jeffco Schools are not working. I can get the web address but the page does not show. Your link to register does not have the “create an account” icon. Therefore, I can not register on that page. I attempted to log in directly from Jeffco Schools main site with the same problem as the link from your site.

    • We just checked it, and ours seems to work. Do you have a script blocker, such as “NoScript” installed, or some other site filtering software?

      Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. Just a quick correction – Engage Jeffco Schools is NOT something recent. I have been active in the site to provide my parent input for well over a year now. My first post was on ideas for increasing early literacy. This was started by the school district in January of 2013.

    It is a legitimate site and everyone should be encouraged to include their feedback on the budget there, even if the survey was completed. Just another place to reaffirm our desires as parents, students, and community members.

    • Thank Nicole, for the correction. We will modify our post to reflect it!

      One of the great things about running this site – the readers are quick to help us improve, correct, extend, and expand our knowledge and understanding! We do not pretend to be experts on JeffCo…but many of our followers are!


  4. I can say on the original survey I was only able to fill it out once from our home computer. I was a little irate because I wanted my husband and kids to fill it out as well since their priorities are not necessarily mine. Point being, if they cry that the survey was filled out multiple times by their opponents, I would question how, and complain back that my answers stood for a family of 4 when the questionnaire seemed to imply that it was open to the entire community not just 1 person/household.

  5. I logged in but it only has a place for students to reply. Has the survey closed?

    • It looks like it. When we found it this morning, it did say there was only one day left to respond. Apparently to them they mean EOB or “End of Business” which is normally about 5:00 p.m.

      We will watch to see when the next topic goes up and notify everyone. Thanks for trying!

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