JeffCo’s Heather Beck Named Superintendent in Lake Oswego, OR

From the Portland Tribune – Heather Beck, Jeffco’s Chief Academic Officer, has been named the new Superintendent of the Lake Osewgo school district outside of Portland, OR.  She will take over on July 1st, 2014.  She is replacing the retiring Superintendent who held the position for more than twenty years.  Lake Oswego is a wealthy suburb on the south side of Portland, OR.

This means that the new superintendent will have another senior position that will need filling quickly.  With the Board not replacing Alan Taggert, the District’s attorney and head of Employee Relations, and Dr. Stevenson no longer Superintendent, the leadership ranks are thinning at JeffCo.  Lesley Dahlkemper’s proposal to name an interim Superintendent looks smarter and wiser than ever.

3 thoughts on “JeffCo’s Heather Beck Named Superintendent in Lake Oswego, OR

  1. It’s Heather Beck – not Helen Beck 🙂 Indeed though – we are losing top positions all over the place – not good!

    • Jeffcoreport is making the edit as I type. Strictly my goof! Thanks for catching it and my personal apologies to Ms. Beck (as well as congratulations). – jcsbw

  2. These people work to hard to not be appreciated, so no surprise that they would leave under the new board.

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