Current Price…Follow-up

This is a follow-up to todays earlier post about how much WNW+Miller is currently costing the District.  The second half of the post focused on the future costs if WNW breaks the promise made to the JeffCo Taxpayers about how the 3A/3B is to be spent.  A little while ago, we were sent a link by a reader to this Douglas County News-Press article, “Board Unplugged meeting sparks debate“, about DougCos’ March 3rd meeting.

This article highlights exactly the concerns we expressed in our post this morning, specifically that taxpayers who feel they have been misled, lied to, or had promises broken, will oppose giving a School District more money.

We are not aware of all the salient facts in DougCo.  We are aware of one of Mr. Witts early statements that JeffCo would not be another DougCo. We hope he reads this article and comes to the realization that there are a lot of reasons he should live up to that statement and not break the 3A/3B promise.

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  1. yep. Fiscal Conservative – spend enormous amount of tax money for our things and keep labeling anything public communism.

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