BOE Meeting 3/13 (Thursday) – Budget & 1338 Committee

The Board will have a very important meeting this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the 5th Floor Board Room at the Education Center. This meeting is a “Study Session”. The public will be allowed to watch the majority of the meeting, but no public comment will be allowed.

On the Agenda for this meeting (so far) is:

2.01 Budget Development – The Board is to provide the staff with budget priority direction for the 2014-15 school budget.

This is when the real intent of WNW will be seen. They will have to give formal direction to the staff on where they want money to go. Up till now, we have been worried that WNW would ignore the wishes of JeffCo and follow their own agenda. If that is really going to happen, it will start here.  At stake in this round is where $7.5 million will go – to build the Reserve fund back up and honor the 3A/3B promise, or towards WNW’s own pet projects.

You need to be there! If they decide to ignore the real public opinion, at least let it be done in front of a large disapproving crowd from that public. Do not let them have the illusion that their decision will be popular.

2.02 Legislative Update – The Board will receive an update on the actions of the state legislature that are of interest to the District. Attached is the current background information provided by Mr. Bowditch, the District’s lobbyist. JeffCo Board Update 3-17-14.

It will be interesting (albeit not surprising) to hear WNW’s take on the progress of HB14-1110 School Boards and Executive Session (click here for the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition’s HB14-1110 page). Even more nervous are probably the Board members of Douglas County Public Schools where 49% of Board meeting time is now spent in ‘executive session’. This bill threatens to derail the illicit  use of Executive Session to avoid the public scrutiny of controversial proposals and decisions.

2.03 Selection of Community Representatives for the Performance Evaluation Council (1338) – The Board has received a list from the Staff of letters of interest from parents and community members (non-parents) in becoming members of the 1338 Committee. Additionally three District Administrators have been appointed, JCAA has appointed its two members, and JCEA will send a separate letter or email to the Board with their members.

At this point we do not know if the Board will choose from this list, and if so how many, or if this list comprises the actual nominnees and the Board will give a thumbs up or down to the entire list. What we do know is that there are two people on Community Member list who would definitely take their lead from WNW: Caryn Boddie, Chair of the Foothills Republican Club and Paula Noonan, a former Board member who had fought with Leslie Dahlkemper and sided with Laura Boggs for most of last year. If WNW chooses only those two as the ‘Community Representatives’ it will be a blatant stacking of the deck.

We do know that at least one person had applied but are not listed. At this point we do not know why.

Executive Session – At this point the Board will go into Executive Session to discuss:

3.01 Legal Advice on 2090 Wright Street – This was added just today (3-11-14). If the address is familiar, it is the location that the Rocky Mountain School for the Deaf was originally supposed to be built. Local residents objected. Tittle to the land was muddled, with JeffCo showing it had ownership, but the City of Lakewood had long maintained it as part of an open space area and park. The City did not try to stop the building, but a local residents group sued. A long legal tussle ensued, ending in January 2014 when District Court Judge Enquist declared that land belonged to the City of Lakewood and had to be used as park/open space. Nothing else could be done to the land without a city-wide vote on it. (see 2090 Coalition website here for more info).

At this point we do not why this has brought back to the Board’s attention. We can find no hint of additional actions or issues. At this point, the District does not own the land. Dr. Stevenson, on advice of counsel, did not appeal. Why it is back and why in Executive Session remain a mystery at this point.

3.02 Negotiations with Employee Associations – The Board will meet to discuss negotiations with the two employee associations.

The Board is then expected to reconvene at approximately 9:30 p.m. in the Seminar room to formally adjourn the meeting.

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