Show up at the Budget Meeting!

As noted in the previous post, in this next meeting the Board will give formal direction to the staff on where they want the 2014-15 money to go.  This is when the promise made for 3A/3B can be broken.  We need everyone to be there!

Because this is a “Study Session” there is no public comment portion.  Mr. Witt has promised that anyone who disturbs the meeting will be dealt with (remember his “I am being stern” look at the Feb 18th meeting?).

So how can we make our feelings known without giving Witt an excuse to ‘deal’ with us?

How about signs?

We have added a new sign to our collection:  3A-3B Remember the Promise.

We suggest downloading this sign, plus one other sign (click here for the signs) that matches your relationship to the District.  Print one sign on each side of a single sheet of paper.  Then when the budget discussion is going on, we can hold the signs up quietly.  Print out some extras to give to the people next to you, in case they did not bring one.

If we can have the Board room filled with people showing these signs, maybe they will get the message.

The meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. in the 5th Floor Board Room at the Education Center.

6 thoughts on “Show up at the Budget Meeting!

  1. Where is your documentation of this promise? The league of charter schools stated that Dr. Stevenson asked for their help organizing charter parents to help 3A/3B pass and that the district would “share” the money. They did that, 3A/3B passed, and then the district “shared” a very very very small amount and just told them after the fact that they never told them how much the district would share. This seems underhanded to me. What would be your documentation to prove otherwise?

    • Please see this link, which was provided in the “Broken Promise” post. It shows where the money from 3A was to go.

      As to the your second point, please keep in mind that while there are approximately 7,824 Charter school students in JeffCo (figures compiled from the enrollment numbers at the Colorado League of Charter Schools), that is only about 9% of the 85,000 total JeffCo students in JeffCo. So of course, the amount of money given to the Charter schools looks smaller than what went to the regular schools. But thats because 91% of the students are regular public school students! Also, the money was not new funding, but rather to keep existing core funding, so if people were looking for new money, they would naturally find none.

      By the way, your last statement is a logical fallacy called argumentum ad ignorantiam or argument from ignorance, sometimes called ‘having to prove a negative’. As such, it is not a valid argument and will not be addressed.

      • Is my child less worthy of tax dollars than yours because he goes to a different kind of public school? Dr. Stevenson eluded to the Colorado League of Charter Schools that by “sharing” the money that when over $1k/child went to a public school $1k/child would go to a child is public charter school. Obviously when looking at percentages as a whole less money would go to charter school but your chart doesn’t show that a promise was made that the same amount of per/pupil money allotted for a child in a neighborhood school would not be received by a charter school student.

        • There are two issues we are addressing. The first is whether it is fiscally wise to divert money that is currently earmarked to help rebuild the Reserve Fund back up to it’s previous level. The second is whether explicit promises made to the JeffCo taxpayer will be honored by this Board or not. The consequences of not honoring that promise could be very severe. Those are the issues.

          We meandered off topic a bit because there seemed to be some confusion we thought we could help clear up. Charter schools, their functioning, funding, and oversight is a very broad topic. We hope to address some of the key questions Charter School supporters have as they relate to our blog’s purpose in the near future. But not now, so please be patient and keep your comments on the two issues at hand.

          Thank you.

  2. I really believe it’s too early for rallies & signs. Show professional behavior. I’m totally on your side but do not give into their behavior & give them ammunition.

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