WNW Supporters Getting Desperate…Show up at the BOE tonight!

Congratulations!  WNW and their supporters must be getting very worried about us!

They already have set up a misleading Facebook page with a name very similar to ours, and now they are now spreading a rumor via email that “JeffCo School Board Watch” intends to disrupt the meeting tonight.

What they are doing, of course, is twisting what we said in our post from yesterday, “Show up at the Budget Meeting!“.

What we said was:  “So how can we make our feelings known without giving Witt an excuse to ‘deal’ with us?…How about signs?…we can hold the signs up quietly.” (italics and bolding added)

Wow.  Sounds like a real disturbance, doesn’t it?

This is typical of the extreme supporters of WNW.  When they can’t win on actual facts, figures, logic and reason, they resort to rumor, innuendo, exaggeration, and manipulation.

Do not let them get away with it!  If you get the email, reply back with a copy of this post and maybe the original post.  Truth is the best answer to rumor and falsehood.

And show up tonight!  6:30 p.m. in the Board Room on the 5th floor of the Education Center.

5 thoughts on “WNW Supporters Getting Desperate…Show up at the BOE tonight!

  1. I intend to “disrupt” the meeting tonight with my mere presence. I might even snicker a few times, if warranted.

  2. I’m sure you won’t publish this comment, but at least you have to read it. Your post is so full of projection I think you may need some clinical help. Are you even connected to reality? You say, “When they can’t win on actual facts, figures, logic and reason, they resort to rumor, innuendo, exaggeration, and manipulation.” That’s exactly what you do on this site. Only you think you have the logic and reason and won’t allow free comments for the truth to get out. You control the dialogue and therefore control the “facts.” What an upside down world you live in.

    Their FB page has all of 89 likes. Why is that a threat to you? They are so small in number and you are a behemoth comparatively. Why do you care what they do. You will steamroll them in ignorance as always. I guess if you make the other side to be bigger than it really is, that fits your narrative of a vast right-wing conspiracy trying to destroy Jeffco as you know it. But it’s all conspiracy, and the only ones behaving destructively are you.

    • Cello Girl,

      We apologize for the delay in responding, but life got in the way for a while.

      First and obviously you are wrong about us not posting your comment. Here it is.

      Second, your comment about “full of projection”, “connected to reality”, and “clinical help” definitely went over the line we drew for you a couple of comments back. Those are aspersions and name-calling .

      Third, we can cite plenty of evidence of the “rumor, innuendo, exaggeration, and manipulation” just by referring to comments left by WNW supporters are this blog and it’s linked Facebook page. This is not true of all WNW supporters, but it is true of an extreme wing, which we noted in the original post, “This is typical of the extreme supporters of WNW.” Unless you count yourself as an ‘extreme supporter’, the comment was not directed at you.

      Fourth, none of your statements appealed to any checkable fact, site, or source. Another violation of the commenting guidelines.

      Fifth, regarding your reference to the Facebook page some WNW adherents created shortly after the February 8th Board meeting, we are pleased to hear they have only 89 likes. In truth, we have not visited them since they first created the page with a title extremely similar to ours. It was only changed after we complained to Facebook. It is not their size that we were pointing out, it was the nastiness of the tactic, which we feel exemplifies the extreme wing of WNW supporters.

      Sixth, honestly, we believe less in a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ than we do in vast right-wing incompetence. We do not believe that the Koch brothers sent an order down to some underlings to create the fake Facebook page. We do believe that some not-so-bright adherents of WNW’s position thought it would be a clever idea.

      Finally, because you violated the guidelines we explained to you a few comments back, we now regretfully ban you from commenting on our site and our Facebook link. We will miss the thoughtful and thought-provoking Cello Girl posts that we actually cited to others as examples of how to do it right. Those comments truly contributed to the discussion and debate. Their absence will be felt.

      If you choose to appeal this decision, please email us at jeffcowatch@gmail.com, and you may explain your reasoning.


    • So agree with you Cello Girl. I pop back to this site now and then and you never see anything positive – it is just attack after attack and this post especially by JCBW shows the sarcasm and always trying to show WNW supporters as they keep calling them “EXTREME SUPPORTERS”. Not sure what is so EXTREME about a board that finally gives voice to parents/citizens instead of a one sided pro union agenda. The only ones who must feel “desperate” are those that buy into all the very slanted information posted on this site. Wish they would keep to facts and not trying to stir everyone up.

      • The point and purpose of this blog site and it’ related Facebook page is to keep people informed as to the actions of the Board in general, and WNW+Miller specifically. We find their motivations, pronouncements, and actions very worrisome and concerning. We are open to good, sound, logical debate.

        What will not be tolerated is the casting of aspersions, name-calling, or unthinking polemics. It is not freedom of speech when one person or group attempts to drown out the other side by sheer volume. We have prohibited people from posting on our Facebook site and this Blog when their actions are deceptive, bullying, disrespectful, or simply unthinking and repeated ranting. They may have the right to shout. We have the right to choose not to listen to them. They can shout all they want from their own blog site or Facebook page.

        Your comment cast aspersions and made spurious arguments without foundation. This is not the first time. In fact, we have been monitoring your comments on our Facebook link for sometime. This last comment crossed the line, and you are now banned from this blog and our Facebook link.

        If you would like to appeal this decision, you may email us at jeffcowatch@gmail.com

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