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  1. Thank you for all your courageous work on behalf of public education! I am in Illinois following all the activities of this extremist school board and standing in solidarity with you! Your materials and action steps will help to inform the wider community and the rest of the country on how to proactively resist this anti-public education movement. Thank you once again!

    • Thank you, Christina, for your complements. We have worked hard. But in truth, we proudly ‘steal’ ideas from other groups and times. If someone thinks our ideas are worth ‘stealing’ then we feel pleased that we could help pay ‘forward’ the debt we owe to those who have inspired us.

      Here at JeffCo School Board Watch, we believe in little ‘d’ democracy. Not only the right, but the positive need for ordinary individuals to step up and make their voices not only heard, but heeded.

      Often that is not easy. In fact, it is far easier to convince yourself that nothing can be done. To is easier to believe that the forces against you are too powerful, too rich, too insulated to care what you and others say, think, feel, or express.

      It is also all too easy to believe those lies.

      Many people think that it requires courage to step forward and demand to be heard, but they have it backwards. Here at JeffCo Watch, and the other groups with whom we have formed common cause, we find our courage by stepping forward. We find that others can help give us that courage. And with each other’s help, sustain it, jointly sharing triumphs and commiserating defeats.

      And with each other, we know that in the end, we will win. The only question is how long. And with each person who joins us, the answer is “sooner than it was the day before”.

      Our opponents are well organized, funded, and are waging this war on public education in many states simultaneously. It is high time that we too reach out to other towns, cities, and states. To share our resources: good ideas and even better inspiration.

      Keep Fighting!

      -jcsbw for JeffCo School Board Watch

  2. Thank you for your work and support of public education.

  3. I don’t have much of a comment (yet) I’m an an angry father just finding out about all of this. These people CAN be stopped.

  4. Is there an official county petition to recall Witt and the Twitts that I can sign? I would love to put up a sign on the side of my house that many people would see as they drive by Mt. Carbon Elem.

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