4 thoughts on “Video Links – Updated 2/8

  1. Do you accept donations for a recall of the bow?

    What type of expertise are you looking for in your volunteers?

    Keep up the good work!

    • The BoardWatch is a small group of people who are working together on chronicling the JeffCo School Board. What actual expenses we have, we fund out of our own pockets. We do not solicit, nor accept monetary donations.

      Right now, the one group that can and does accept donations is Support Jeffco Kids. They have been doing excellent work, especially from the standpoint of developing brochures, signs, etc. Whatever happens, they will be major players organizing the opposition to WNW. Their donation page is here.

      They are also looking for volunteers.

      On the BoardWatch, we can use help on everything from basic research to full fledged writing. We will be in touch.

      Thanks! And let’s get fighting!

  2. ok, 3rd time… board of education

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