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Board of Education Schedule of Meetings (can be changed at last minute)

Board of Education Calendar (google calendar)

Where to find a School Board Meeting Agenda – This link takes you to, the service the District uses to provide meeting agendas, and electronic storage of the minutes, attachments, and other files related to the Board meetings.  It is interactive and clicking on a specific agenda item will bring up more detailed information plus links to any documents concerning that item.  The documents are generally scanned in PDFs files and can be downloaded.

Signing up to speak at a Board Meeting
Signing up to speak is done through the website.  Click on the “Where to find a School Board Meeting Agenda” link above.  Click on the “Meetings” tab, then on the meeting date you want to speak at.  To the right of the date, click on the icon that says “View the Agenda”.  This will open up the agenda tab for the meeting you have selected.

If you want to speak about an item that is on the Agenda, scroll down to Section 5.02 “Public Comment” and click on it.  A page will appear, explaining the rules for speaking.  Click on the “Sign up here…” line near the top.  That will send you to the form you need to fill out.

If you want to speak about an item that is NOT on the Agenda, scroll down to Section 9.01 “Public Comment” and click on it.

The board will try to squeeze as many non agenda speakers into the earlier agenda speaker time slot as possible, so go early even if you only want to speak on a non-agenda item.

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