School Rating Sites

This page lists the URLs of various school rating sites.  Caution MUST be taken when reviewing these sites.  Often times the site will not reveal the organization behind the site or if there is a connection to a certain political philosophy.  The rating methodologies are often not explained, or explained in general terms only.  This is why one site can rate a school or a district very high and another site rate it low.

Another concern about school rankings is that to a large degree the results will depend on the economic status of the families who attend them.  An excellent editorial from the Denver Post about that can be found here.

If you know something about the rating criteria, methodology, or political philosophy of a particular site, please let us know via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page!

When possible, the link below will already be directed to their Jefferson County Public Schools R-1 page.

U.S. News & World Report – national news magazine.

Great Schools – Primary sponsers seem to be ‘reform’ oriented foundations of wealthy families and businesses.

School Digger – run by one person for profit by “display advertising, CPC, and CPA links”.  No explanation given of ranking system.

We will continue to add sites and expand on what we can learn about their backing and orientation as we come across them.

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