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39 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just got a flyer in the mail from Americans for
    Prosperity. Says: ” School Choice is Working. Jeffco School Reforms are increasing choice,
    improving graduation rates, decreasing dropout rates and making better schools for Colorado’s future generation.” No mention of WNW.
    Really ..Are they taking credit for past efforts? They have only been in office not quite two years. Smoke and mirrors. We have a lot of educating to do to let the public know what is really going on with WNW and the Americans for Prosperity….aka Koch Brothers. This was one slick advertisement.

    • OMG, the koch brothers again. Why don’ they get out of Colorado and stick to their own state where ever that is. Gardner is one of their picks.

  2. Did you see Op-Ed in Post on Sunday, Sept. 27 (Jeffco Recall Tactics are Revolting)? Rosen claims the board majority won the election “in spite of being greatly outspent by candidates endorsed and union-funded.”

    Sounds like bull to me. Do you know of a non-partisan source of information that summarizes the spending on the 2013 election? I would really like to know.

  3. Since you have stated that state laws were broken, could you please email me what enforcement authority/agency has jurisdiction over these violations. Did any investigation or proceedings take place. Why hasn’t there been any prosecution?

  4. My son is FINALLY doing well now that I moved him into a charter school. He seems really happy and his grades are much better than the last few years.

    My question is will a more-liberal board giving back more union control put my son’s charter in jeopardy? I don’t want to have to put him back where he was. 🙁

    Hoping the new candidates aren’t so anti-choice that they can’t see the benefits of schools like my son’s.

    • The “Clean Slate” candidates have all come out in favor of equalized charter funding and openly recognize the value of charters. The chasm between the two sides is exaggerated for political gain. We’re glad your son is doing well in his charter and hope he continues to thrive. We are supportive of well-run charters as well and wouldn’t be supportive of this slate unless they were too.

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