Charter School Activites

Charter schools are a major focus of the new Board majority.  Charter schools were originally conceived as a way to allow experimentation in new teaching techniques (and the best would then be adopted by the regular system), provide better education to poor neighborhoods, and do all of this for a lower cost that a traditional public school.

But if you look around Colorado, what you find is that the Charter school movement has been hijacked by several different groups, mostly conservative.  Charter schools today tend use either teaching techniques already found in the public schools or are trademarked fads, are placed in upscale neighborhoods, and are constantly coming to the school districts for “loans” and have outrageous fund raisers (win a new car raffles, etc.,).  They often have a religious or ideological bias built into the curriculum, have high teacher turn-over rates, and resist taking the same state tests that traditional public schools have to take in order to avoid genuine comparisons.  In short, they have departed broadly from the original intent.

On this page will we monitor Charter school activity in the District, especially anything that comes to the Board.  The links below will take you to pages that deal with specific Charter schools or specific Charter activities going on in the District.

Collegiate Academy of Colorado – Financial problems
Current status:  $400,000 loan approved by the Board, January 16, 2014.

Cornerstone Academy of  Colorado – Application problems
Current status:  In “facilitation” with the District.

19 thoughts on “Charter School Activites

  1. I am absolutely fascinated by the response, particularly in paragraph 2 regarding the “when their actions are deceptive, bullying, disrespectful, or simply unthinking and repeated ranting”. Very disappointing at best and what a less than compelling argument for this website supporting anything but censorship and freedom of speech. Also, a very contrary opinion considering the current arguments floated by this organization concerning the AP history discussion. Has this site never floated a little white lie or two, buried in talking points, don’t imagine that would be hard to locate? My point really is, I would encourage all that read any of this to attend a jeffco school board meeting, not by invite from an email, but go on independent thought and listen closely and decide for yourself where “the deceptive, bulling, disrespectful, unthinking and repeated ranting”. Make up your own mind, and please pay attention to the board and the audience, who is respectful of our community and our great democracy and who is not. You won’t be there long before “the deceptive, bulling, disrespectful, unthinking and repeated ranting” occurs and where its coming from, just maybe you will be surprised. It’s embarrassing to me to think that any child in this community might actually witness their teacher in this environment. What are we really teaching and really how can you argue this is all about the children, with this display in these meetings. I challenge anyone to prove to me that it is not representatives of our largest special interest group that are attempting to appear like the majority in the board meetings. I can’t find any evidence to the contrary, but I’m open to the dialogue. It’s loud, disrespectful, condescending, and just down right rude. The dilemma I have is that many friends of mine are exceptional public school teachers, that will probably never see this. They won’t take the time to look into this because . . . . . . strangely enough they are at school doing their jobs at a high level and yes I believe they deserve a raise. An interesting paradox for our largest union in this nation. How can you create a compelling argument to give less than effective educators a raise and keep high performing teachers with that same argument. Before you delete this article, I happen to have had involvement in public, charter, private, and religious schools through 4 children. Guess I believe in choice.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but your comment (we cannot call it an ‘article’) will not be deleted. However illogical and short-sided it might be, it has not violated any of our anti-ranting policies. We encourage vigorous debate, we simply won’t tolerate bullying or ranting as they add nothing to the discussion and are simply efforts to intimidate any opposing view.

      We actually agree that more people should attend the Board meetings. First, it is part of their civic duty “to see what our hired help were doing”. (Will Rogers, April 28, 1926) Secondly, keeping the public’s eye and spotlight on WNW is the best way right now to slow them down. Third, our experience is that the majority of people who attend a meeting come away horrified at WNW’s heavy-handed manipulation, third-rate acting skills, and gross disrespect for the rest of the Board, the students, the teachers, and any one else who happens to disagree with them.

      WNW are the opposition’s best recruiters.

      We believe in ‘choice’ also – and we choose to oppose WNW’s extremism.

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