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  1. I read a post from a former parent that complained that her child tried several traditional schools and they all “sucked”. The charter school was the best thing for them.

    It is great that they found a school that works for them. That is why choose and option schools exist,However, saying that ALL traditional schools are bad for ALL kids and need to be changed is just wrong.

    Jeffco has been an outstanding district. Serving a large population of students well for many years. Though this will not work for all, the new plan will only work for a few. The direction that the new board is to “blow up” the entire system. This is not what the people want.

    The truth is that this board was elected by outside special interest and money, and the effect of poor voter turnout in an off year election (our fault). This is not what the people wanted. The reality is that this is part of a nationwide effort by some very rich and powerful groups to take control of government and advance a profit agenda.

    By breaking unions to lower wages and rid environmental controls, more profit can be made. By taking over local boards they can go after low hanging fruit unions. With a uneducated electorate they can advance ideas that have no lignite ate basis, like denying climate change, so they can make more money of fossil files that will further harm our world.The “liberals” as we a refered to are looking out for the best interest of all not just the privlaged few.

    Many on the right have a single agenda item that they fare very emotional about, and your concern has been co opted by a few elite to advance their cause of making money. Realize that they don’t really care about your or your concerns.

    Stop the madness and become part of the solution not the pawn of some rich guys in Kansas!

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