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  1. We of Jefferson county as a whole need more input into the hiring of our Superintendent. Accountability and transparency needs wider range and greater depth.

  2. Chris I totally agree with you. But my thought is that both parties should mail out a recommendation list of who one should vote for and why. I think most voters really don’t have an understanding of which candidates would fulfill their objectives.

    PS It’s astounding to me that the Tea Party board members want to discourage public disobedience as a way of laws. Yet they name themselves after the Boston Tea Party which in itself was a form of civil disobedience,

  3. I love what you are doing all up and down Wadsworth. Just an FYI, I saw 200+ signs today and still had to dig around Google for your website. Next time have some Jeffco School Board Watch .org signs so people won’t be googling and driving (it was already distracting enough:) That said, keep up the good work!

  4. I want to sign the petition – am I too late? Are there any more signing events?

    • It is too late, but you can still help. First and most importantly, we need you to vote in November. And secondly, you can help by donating to the recall at the Jeffco United website: We’re going to need many volunteers to help spread the word in the coming months as well.

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