Jeffco Schools Superintendent Finalist Jason Glass

It’s an exciting week in Jeffco, as the Jeffco School Board prepares to vote on superintendent finalist candidate Jason Glass.

We are very excited both that Dr. Glass, currently superintendent of Eagle County Schools, applied for the position and that he emerged as the clear finalist. JCSBW has quoted Dr Glass’ columns in the Vail Daily in the past because he speaks so articulately about the funding issues and other challenges facing public schools in Colorado. Having him right here in Jeffco is a true privilege and pleasure.

Things we’re most excited about:

  • Dr. Glass is an articulate communicator who doesn’t hesitate to reach out to students, families, and the larger community.
  • He not only understands the challenges of local and state funding, but has been actively involved in a successful mill and bond campaign in his own district last fall.
  • He has previous experience as a superintendent, having served as Eagle County’s superintendent for the past four years.
  • He has a doctorate in education.
  • Dr. Glass also brings national experience to the district, having served as Iowa’s Department of Education Director and Chief State School Officer from 2010 to 2013.
  • He was also appointed as a member of the National Board for Education Sciences board of directors in December 2016 by then-President Obama.

You can see his resume here. There have also been several articles in local newspapers that are worth checking out, including the Denver Post and the Arvada News.

We’re extremely hopeful that Dr. Glass will be able to continue writing columns for one of the local papers that serve Jeffco families. If you haven’t seen his columns, we’d encourage you to read one of his most recent columns, or this one.

The board will vote whether to approve Dr. Glass as superintendent this Tuesday, May 16. The meeting starts at 4 pm (please note the earlier time, which we also missed in our original post!). Time for public comment is scheduled to start at 4, and we encourage you to sign up and share your thoughts with the board.

We are thrilled to have such a great candidate and very pleased with the transparency with which this search was conducted. The community’s voice was used to find and select the finalist, and results from community comments and meetings, including nearly 3,900 surveys and 1,000 comments are available on the Jeffco Schools superintendent search page.

We also know much more about the search than we did three years ago. For example, we know that:

  • 825 contacts were made to potential candidates in 46 states,
  • 69 applications were received
  • 11 candidates from 9 different states were recommended for consideration
  • 6 candidates were interviewed from 6 different states (including Colorado, obviously)
  • 5 of the interviewees were currently or had been superintendents
  • Dr. Glass emerged unanimously as the strongest candidate, far surpassing the others

Tuesday is your last chance to give the board input into this extraordinarily important decision. If you can’t attend, consider emailing the board members with your thoughts.

And as always, we remain

JeffCo Proud!

7.17.15 Don’t mess with Jeffco parents

"Riled up" or not, our numbers are not small.

“Riled up” or not, our numbers are not small.

We recently received this letter from a Jeffco parent:

In this week’s issue of the Columbine Courier, former Jeffco School Board member Laura Boggs lumps the supporters of the Board majority recall into two groups: “teachers” and “riled up mommies.”

Wow! How condescending can the board supporters be to identify parents as “riled up mommies?” The term is clearly meant to demean the mothers that disagree with them. (Note a similar accusation was made by former Jeffco communications director Lisa Pinto on a recent radio talk show.)

Perhaps Ms. Boggs needs an introduction to the mommies of today.

The mommy authors of the petition are a LAWYER turned stay-at-home mother and an Environmental Compliance Specialist. (Let’s not forget a dad is also on the petition.)

And yes, I am a mother and I support the recall. By the way, Ms. Boggs, this mommy holds an aerospace engineering degree, not a degree from the school of hard knocks.

I worked as a Flight Design engineer for Atlas rocket launches for years before choosing to become a stay-at-home mother. During the years I have stayed home I have served on church council, board of directors of a non-profit, school accountability chairperson, PTA secretary, and I have served the community in a myriad of other ways.

I have volunteered time reading in the classroom with struggling readers and challenging advanced math students (oh yeah this mommy has a minor in math that required differential equations and a few courses beyond four years of calculus). I have been the quintessential “mommy” as I schlepped cellos for the elementary orchestra tour in my mini-van.

At the same time I was creating newsletters and doing the bookkeeping for a non-profit company. I returned to the work force part time so I could continue to volunteer in my community and in my kids’ schools, including most recently circulating recall petitions. And I am just one example of the parents in our community that are volunteering in this effort. I am in awe of so many of the women and men that I have met during this process, many with credentials far beyond mine.

So yes I am riled up. And if you want to use the term mommy, well as they say where I come from, “Bless your heart.”  Don’t underestimate the power of TODAY’s riled up mommies. We are educated. We are passionate. And when it comes to our kids, you really don’t want to see us riled up.

And to the voters I have one message: Who do you trust with the education of the children in your community? Personally, I think teachers and riled up mommies are a much better choice than politicians and businessmen that have never spent time in the classroom.

— Alice Wurst

P.S. Fellow moms (and dads, because I know you are part of this too) I invite you to comment. For a mother to attack in this manner is infuriating and disheartening. Show Ms. Boggs and the community who we are. Do not be painted as some “mommy” to be dismissed. Stand up for each other and most importantly STAND UP FOR OUR KIDS.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!