Students With Power

A few months ago, WNW crossed a new line by suggesting that our district’s AP US History curriculum should change. Essentially, WNW insinuated that our students are not to be trusted with learning about some of America’s most influential leaders because they could be labeled as dissenters. Many of us had a bad taste in our mouths as we realized that what WNW would like to see is graduates who are followers and don’t question or challenge status quo, and who don’t look for opportunities to advocate to make our country a better place.

Thank goodness our amazing students know they deserve a top notch education. Thank goodness our students realize that they have loud, essential, and thoughtful voices. I am proud to be a parent in a district where our students organized a justified protest. I could imagine many of our country’s greatest leaders– from Jane Adams to Dr. Martin Luther King — tipping their hats to our students.

Last week, Chalkbeat hosted an event called Rising Up: Voices from Colorado’s Emerging Student Protest Movement for student activists from four Colorado school districts. JCSBW would like to thank our Jeffco reps from the Jeffco Student Network for Change. They did a phenomenal job demonstrating that the students of Jefferson County have been given a useful and powerful education.

Last weekend, the group also organized a public meeting with the Jeffco School Board to discuss concerns.

As a parent who refuses to be anything other than hopeful for the future of our students and our school district, the power for change clearly lies in the hands of our students.

I would like to encourage our students to keep their momentum going and offer any help our students need to be informed and influential. I would like to challenge WNW to look our students in the face and ask their opinion before trying to pull their education out from under them.

Keep fighting, JeffCo!